“I had the pleasure of having Landra teach yoga at my studio over a 3-year time period. She is a dedicated teacher, making time to authentically connect with students. I appreciate the way she incorporates mindfulness into her classes, keeping students safe and encouraging them to put aside all the doing in their day just be right there in the practice. It’s truly a skill”  

~ Martin Scott | SF yoga teacher | Owner of Union Yoga

“We were lucky to have Landra lead a mindfulness session at our office during our open enrollment & wellness week. We had folks who are new to mindfulness meditation and others with much more experience. Landra made the session engaging for everyone. She did an excellent job making everyone feel comfortable and it was worthwhile in a corporate environment.”  

~ Jake | Senior Manager | Mindfulness Meditation Student

“As a teacher Landra has a gift of connecting with people. She makes the practice of yoga and meditation accessible. She is truly a teacher in every sense of the word, she educates and motivates me as a student. I left my sessions with her feeling relaxed, calm and more confident in my body.”  

~ Isa | Artist | Mindfulness Student

“Landra is a skilled leadership coach who helped me take the first step towards breaking my status quo patterns and helped me clearly define my legacy and purpose. One to two percent self improvement is the difference between living the status quo and living an extraordinary life”

~ Jason | Business Executive | Embodied Leadership Client

“I’ve attended Landra and Alex’s Ambient Flow yoga sessions many times, and it’s truly a unique experience every time. As far as music and yoga, I prefer non-verbal associations to get into a different mindset. The Ambient Flow class does this with its live music as a backdrop sound that echoes the movements in the class subtly while not over shadowing class instruction. I highly recommend it for a special break”

~ Lizzy | Yoga Student

"Ambient flow is a fun and excellent experience!  Live music in yoga class played by Alex with various instruments. The soundscape can pump you up to build heat in the body and support a relaxing at savasana. Landra is always sweet, gentle and focused on the postures of her students. Love this sweet and talented couple. Thanks Landra and Alex!" 

~ Winki | Yoga Student