Mindfulness At Work?

Mindfulness is a tool that enables and empowers people to build their capacity to connect to the present moment, regulate their nervous system, and improve relationships with themselves and others. Happy, engaged people create a tremendous amount of value for the companies they work for. Speaking from my experience, people are more successful and fulfilled in the workplace when they have the tools and support to feel resilient, remain objective, be responsive rather than reactive, and practice compassion.

The American Institute of Stress has calculated that around $300 billion of economic output is lost in the US each year through absenteeism, poor performance, employee turnover, accidents, and stress-related workers compensation claims. As concerning as the statistics are, you can be an employer of choice, choosing to be a part of the solution by bringing mindfulness to your team.

Below you will find a menu of mindfulness programs and experiences that Integrate & Flow offers in the workplace. They are all customizable to your company culture, participants and goals.

Mindfulness Meditation Sessions - 30-45 minute meditation classes aimed at helping participants grow self awareness, resiliency, and compassion. Through the practice participants learn tools & techniques to reduce stress, how to build the capacity to focus and connect to the present moment.

Mindfulness Workshops - An interactive approach that includes mindfulness education (understanding the art and the science), putting mindfulness into practice, and providing mindful hacks, tools and exercises that people can integrate into their workday. Workshops are anywhere between 1-3 hours in length and are ideal for workplace lunch and learns, team building events, and company conferences.

Mindfulness Team Off-Sites - Half- and Full-day team building off-sites designed with intention to create space for people to authentically connect with one another and restore balance. Participants learn about the art & science of mindfulness, have the opportunity to practice mindfulness in meditation and/or movement, and experience activities that can be integrated into daily life. Full day off-sites can include elements of people development. A few examples of themes are growth mindset, emotional intelligence, conscious leadership & mindful communication.

Mindful Leader Training Programs - Four- & Eight-week mindful leadership programs

In the 4-week program participants explore mindfulness as self leadership. The curriculum begins with education and practice of Embodied Mindfulness, the integration of mind and body, intellect and felt sense. Participants learn and practice exercises that are designed to regulate the nervous system and increase emotional intelligence.

The 8-week program builds on the foundation of the 4-week program, focusing on mindful people development. It provides leaders with skills and tools to mindfully lead and develop others, and is especially helpful when leading others in times of heightened stress and change and uncertainty.

Individual Mindful Leadership Coaching - 60 minute in person or on-line 1:1 coaching sessions aimed to provide you with tools to effectively manage stress, increase resiliency and emotional intelligence.


Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness at Work


✔ Positive impact on mental health and overall well-being

✔ Builds resiliency to manage stress and navigate change

✔ Boosts creativity and productivity

✔ Enhanced decision making and problem solving abilities

✔ Effective communication, teamwork and ability to reduce and/or resolve conflicts

✔ Increase emotional intelligence (the ability to recognize and manage one’s emotions and that of another)


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