I believe in the power of possibility. My name is Landra and I created my offerings at Integrate and Flow out of my passion to empower people to live their best life. I am most inspired when I am coaching individuals to access their highest potential. My coaching style is rooted appreciative inquiry, the self-leadership methodology of Lightyear Leadership, and my direct experience with yoga, meditation and mindfulness.  

Appreciative Inquiry-  With positivity as my top StrengthsFinder strength it’s no surprise that I was attracted to the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) method in my graduate school communication studies research.  At it’s core AI is a method used to identify the best of what is positive and connecting to it in ways that heighten energy, sharpen vision, and inspire action for change.

Lightyear Leadership is a self-leadership methodology developed by Susanne Conrad, who is committed to empowering individuals, companies and communities to radically transform themselves ~ and the world.  I first met Susanne back in 2010, when I began my career journey with lululemon athletica.  I have been fortunate to have attended numerous hours of her workshops and coaching sessions.  After years of practical application of this work and experiencing first hand the amazing impact on my life, I completed my Lightyear Leadership coaching certification in 2015. Lightyear Leadership  provided me with the tools to shift my perspective, to be the designer of my life, learn when to let go of false expectations, and choose to live in possibility and love.                                                                                                                                                                                                

Through my direct yoga, meditation & mindfulness experience I have been able to uncover, discover and at times re-discover parts of myself that I was previously disconnected from. 2011 was a standout year in my yoga journey, as I set and achieved a personal goal of practicing 150 yoga classes within 365 days. In the words of Kerri Kelly, a nationally recognized yoga teacher, “that time on the mat revealed me and healed me.” I learned to practice self compassion, cultivate a deeper connection within, and fall in love with myself. I practiced letting go of what no longer served me, and began to attract the love that I was worthy of receiving.