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The practice; cultivating compassion, alignment & ease

I had tried meditating for years along side my yoga practice. Having a background in dance I easily connected to the movement and flow of the asana practice. However, sitting still, going inward, and learning to be present with my breath was a foreign concept. This past year I completed a 200-hour embodied mind training focused on mindfulness + meditation with Jill Satterfield, the founder & director of the School for Compassionate Action. Creating a mindful meditation practice has helped me invite more ease into my daily life. Below are 4 key experiences and learnings that I share to create interest and inspiration for you to start or continue to cultivate your practice.

1. My heart & mind have become friends. They are no longer at odds with one another, but rather learning to be in dialogue with one another and I can learn to draw upon the wisdom that each carries.

2. Meditation is not just clearing the mind of thoughts. This practice has taught me to become a witness and notice the thoughts that arise. I've learned to process them rather than become attached or avoiding. 

3. Loving kindness & compassion is a key component of mindfulness. Often in the West, mindfulness is defined as being present in the moment, but that is only one half of mindfulness. Meeting what is arising in the present moment with kindness & compassion completes the mindfulness package.

4. Creating a practice takes time, I have found success sitting with others and being supported by sangha (community). This is not about perfection or about doing it right; it's a practice; it's about showing up and doing your best.

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