Wisdom says we are nothing. Love says we are everything. Between these two our life flows
— Jack Kornfield

Hey There! My name is Landra, I am the founder of Integrate & Flow, offering a variety of mindfulness meditation, mindful movement, and embodied leadership coaching experiences. In addition to my work at Integrate & Flow I am the founder of Mindful HR. My passion lives at the intersection of mindfulness & people development as a way to empower people to thrive in the workplace. Beyond my work, I am a world traveler, dancer, lover of nature and creative pursuits. I am committed to mindful living and continual self development.

A little about my background on how I personally came to find and integrate yoga, mindfulness & meditation into my life and how they taught me to flow with greater ease. In my late 20’s I found myself depleted, after years of suppressed grief over the death of a close relative, heartbreak of a failed relationship, and caring for loved ones battling life threatening illnesses and addiction. I exhausted my energy by taking care of everyone else and putting myself last. I went inward; my internal light was dim. I hid behind my work. I worked hard, achieved results, obtained promotions, and I found myself rewarded with more responsibility. The cycle was exhausting. It filled me with stress, anxiety and kept me small and disconnected from my feelings.

Seeking a way to reduce stress and anxiety led me to begin the practice of yoga in 2004. With time, guidance from embodied teachers and dedication to my practice, yoga helped me gain a new perspective and brought me into alignment with myself. In 2014, after practicing yoga for 10 years I completed a 200-hour Vinyasa yoga teacher training at Yoga Flow SF.  

A growing desire to investigate mindfulness meditation at a deeper level led me to Jill Satterfield, an international mindfulness and meditation teacher with whom I completed a 200-hour Embodied Mind teacher training in 2016. Jill's Embodied Mind training taught me to integrate mindfulness through embodiment practices of meditation, movement, contemplative somatic therapy & compassion. I continue to mentor with Jill and sit several silent retreats annually.

Continuing Education:

Spring 2019 | 12-week trauma informed somatic nervous system training with Irene Lyon

Spring 2019 | 7-week mindfulness training with Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield