My name is Landra. I am the founder of Integrate and Flow, offering a variety of mindfulness practices in the areas of meditation, yoga movement, and self-leadership coaching. I am passionate about integrating mindfulness & meditation practices into workplace people development. With 15+ years of HR and leadership coaching experience and I am the founder of Mindful HR. Beyond my work, I am a world traveler, lover of nature and creative pursuits. I am committed to mindful living with an open heart. I am dedicated to my continual self development through a variety of modalities, seeking to inspire and guide others to live their best lives. 

A little about my background on how I personally came to find and integrate yoga, mediation & mindfulness into my life. In my late 20’s I found myself depleted, after years of suppressed grief, loss, and heartbreak. I exhausted my energy, taking care of everyone else and putting myself last. I went inward; I lost my voice, sense of self, and self expression. I began to hide behind my work. I worked hard, achieved results, obtained promotions, and I was rewarded with more responsibility.  Working hard allowed me to hide from my feelings and prevented me from creating healthy relationships with myself and others.

I found yoga in early 2004 at a time when I was seeking a way to release stress and anxiety coupled with my desire to feel internal peace. Having had a background in dance, I quickly connected to the movement and the flow of the asana.  Sitting still, going inward and being present with my breath was a foreign concept. This practice was a stark contrast to my everyday life. The calm centered feeling kept me coming back to my mat for more of that “zen” sais quois!

In my early 30’s, I “retired,” leaving behind the security of a high paying job to travel and experience living in South America. Living in a foreign land afforded me the time away from my self imposed busy life. I learned to slow down, connect, and invest in a consistent yoga practice. Yoga awakened me. Yoga helped me gain a new perspective on life and brought me back into alignment with my true self.  

It was yoga that led me to a role with lululemon athletica, where I blended my growing love of yoga and my HR career.  After 10 years of practicing yoga I completed my 200-hour RYT training in 2014 at Yoga Flow SF.  My time at lululemon exposed me to the personal development and leadership work of Lightyear Leadership developed by Susanne Conrad. This work has taught me to investigate my personal legacy and be accountable and in choice to design and live my best life. In 2015 I became a certified Lightyear Leadership coach. My growing interest of mindfulness and meditation led me to complete a 200-hour Embodied Mind teacher training in 2016 with Jill Satterfield. Jill's Embodied Mind training integrates mindfulness through the embodiment practices of yoga, meditation, yoga therapy & compassion.